Latent Knowledge

Building powerful research tools with artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Separate signal from noisy, qualitative data.


LitView encourages users to provide iterative layers of rich, contextual information – well beyond the scope of a singular search phrase - and uses natural language processing to search across the common research literature databases.

LitView is...

Semantic search and literature visualization
Workplace collaboration software for R&D teams
Subject matter agnostic: Apply it to any field of research.

LitView allows you to...

  • Save your previous searches
  • Save your search models
  • Upload documents to see them in the cluster space
  • Conduct interdisciplinary research searches
  • Search for information using multiple lenses, or views
  • Apply technical translations
  • Replicate previous search models on a new data set
Get further, more easily in literature. Save time
Use available content to find new content. Use old work to yield new work
Keep disparate teams on the same page. Increase team efficacy
Choose how you search for information. Solve problems faster

LitView — Beyond the limits of Google Scholar, PubMed or the university library…

Search results are transformed into clusters of relevant texts, grouped visually to pose display significant relationships between disparate articles and documents.

The LK search platform delivers powerful, relevant search results beyond any current search tool capability, and it’s scalable across many subject matters. Research teams in academia, law enforcement and bio-med can cut through noisy documents and web pages to find articles they don’t find with other search tools.

We utilize the B2B SaaS enterprise model, with per-seat pricing and multiyear contracts providing Annual Recurring Revenue. LK is adoptable, adaptable and valuable.

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